Ten Month Tunes

Tunes (we call her that, short for Juney Tunes, short for Looney Tunes, coined in the weeks after she was born) will be 10 months in a few days. We were practicing our crawling today in undies in the living room and the light was great (February was good to Seattle).

The complete album is on SmugMug

I’ve ignored my Big Camera (Nikon D7100) for a while because managing the hundreds of pictures that could come out of using it for just a few minutes was daunting. I’d take a lot of photos and they’d sit on the SD card for months. A few weeks ago I put together a workflow that makes it pretty quick work to surface a few keepers from any session, delete the no-keeps, and get everything up to SmugMug. I also use this workflow to solve my mobile photo problem. I’ll write about that later this week.