Delancey is Good

Delancey is better than good. It’s been consistently delicious every time we’ve been (maybe 10 times, the first time about 5 years ago, I think).

We haven’t been since Elli was pregnant, and we weren’t sure if it was baby friendly, but we gave it a shot on Friday night. Babies are welcome, and they even have high chairs. June loved it:

They open at 5, and people start lining up a few minutes before. You’ll usually get seated immediately if you arrive before 5:15. If you’re kidless, I highly recommend going to their attached bar Essex at 4 and grabbing a few cocktails. They’re stiff, well-made, and they’ll hold a table for you in the restaurant and seat you right when they open.

Get a jersey salad to start (size small for two people, large for more). It’s my favorite salad of all time, with a light, tangy dressing, fresh and crispy greens, and really good croutons:

They make their own sausage, and the sausage pizza is all I’ve ever had. It’s perfect. My wife sticks with the mushroom, and we try to get a margherita to go. Love it every time.