The Woodlands: More Pizza and Pub Options in North Seattle

The Woodlands - formerly The Boardroom Cafe - opened a few weeks ago in our neighborhood, specifically on east side of Aurora between 83rd and 84th streets (it’s still knows as The Boardroom Cafe to Google): We went to the Boardroom for coffee and breakfast sandwiches a few times. It was always good, but crossing Aurora was enough of a barrier that we’d head to Neptune on Greenwood instead. A huge Starbucks opened directly across the street from Boardroom last year, so the pivot to pizza and beer was a good idea. »

Pancake Pointers

I really got into making pancakes when June was born. She’s loved them since she started eating solids, and I took some artistic leisure for her birthday breakfast


Delancey is Good

Delancey is better than good. It’s been consistently delicious every time we’ve been (maybe 10 times, the first time about 5 years ago, I think). We haven’t been since Elli was pregnant, and we weren’t sure if it was baby friendly, but we gave it a shot on Friday night. Babies are welcome, and they even have high chairs. June loved it: They open at 5, and people start lining up a few minutes before. »