About the Image

58th & 7th. Taken in Manhattan while walking near Central Park with a new Nexus 7. I was traveling frequently to NYC in 2012 for AWS training. Here’s the album from that trip. »

iPhone 6 Camera is Very Good

Every few months I get the urge to switch to an Android device, and then a picture like this (taken by Elli with her iPhone 6) comes along. Wow. Maps/navigation and cameras like these are my favorite parts of the mobile revolution. »

9 Months 1 Day

Little June was 9 months and a day old yesterday when I caught her playing with Sophia on the mat. »

Ghosts and Goblins: Customizing a Ghost Blog Theme

I wanted to write, and a requirement was a pretty site I could get running quickly. I chose Ghost (hosted at ghost.org) and purchased the Goblin theme. I’m happy with the result - I think it’s pretty - and I’m going to talk about how I tweaked the theme and got going in less than a day. Ghost Theme Marketplace The Envato Market for Ghost themes is solid. There are lots of beautiful themes and they all have live demo sites. »