Mobile From DockerCon

Yesterday on Twitter I asked if anyone had tips for authoring and publishing with Hugo from a mobile device. After a bit of hacking, I’ve cracked it (at least in a way that works for me.) All of this post was done from my iPhone. In a nutshell: Working Copy for iOS (amazing git client) TravisCI to build and push to S3 Camera for pics (duh) Notes for writing (this can def be improved with a proper markdown editor) Working Copy supports whatever that iOS feature is that lets you share things between apps. »

Delancey is Good

Delancey is better than good. It’s been consistently delicious every time we’ve been (maybe 10 times, the first time about 5 years ago, I think). We haven’t been since Elli was pregnant, and we weren’t sure if it was baby friendly, but we gave it a shot on Friday night. Babies are welcome, and they even have high chairs. June loved it: They open at 5, and people start lining up a few minutes before. »

Maui '15

We came to Maui last year (my first time in Hawaii) when Elli was pregnant with June. This year we brought her again. She was great on the 6+ hour flight and loves the water.


Ten Month Tunes

Tunes (we call her that, short for Juney Tunes, short for Looney Tunes, coined in the weeks after she was born) will be 10 months in a few days. We were practicing our crawling today in undies in the living room and the light was great (February was good to Seattle).