Hugo on the Go: Static Blogging from an iPhone

I moved from Ghost to Hugo a few weeks ago. After ironing out a few kinks with look and feel, the only missing link was writing and publishing from my iPhone. Definitely not something I do often, but it was easy on Ghost and I thought it should at least be possible with Hugo.


The Woodlands: More Pizza and Pub Options in North Seattle

The Woodlands - formerly The Boardroom Cafe - opened a few weeks ago in our neighborhood, specifically on east side of Aurora between 83rd and 84th streets (it’s still knows as The Boardroom Cafe to Google): We went to the Boardroom for coffee and breakfast sandwiches a few times. It was always good, but crossing Aurora was enough of a barrier that we’d head to Neptune on Greenwood instead. A huge Starbucks opened directly across the street from Boardroom last year, so the pivot to pizza and beer was a good idea. »

Pancake Pointers

I really got into making pancakes when June was born. She’s loved them since she started eating solids, and I took some artistic leisure for her birthday breakfast