2015 smart fortwo, $140/mo

$140/mo - less than the cost of a car2go for 2 days. This is a 2015 Smart ForTwo I got new from Mercedes Benz of Seattle. 4,500 miles, perfect condition. Automatic transmission with AC, power steering, cruise control, and radio. Averaging 35mpg around the city. There are 17 months remaining on the lease. Mercedes Benz would transfer the lease into your name, I will pay the $575 fee they charge to do that so you have no acquisition cost. »

The Next Big Thing

Nine years ago I was fortunate to sit next to Andy Leonard at work. Andy introduced me to Amazon S3 when it launched and I had a gut feeling that this was the next thing. Then came EC2, and I was sure. I went to AWS a few years later to be a part of that. Google released TensorFlow in 2015, and it brought back memories of the S3 launch: This week I watched all 5 games of the AlphaGo vs Lee Se-dol match (great recap here), and I was sure that this was big. »

CenturyLink Customer Service is Hilariously Bad

CenturyLink ran a fiber line to our home yesterday and installed/activated gigabit Internet and Prism TV. The installer, a guy named Chris, was great: friendly, professional, on-time, and got everything up and working in a few hours. And the performance of the service is, so far, exactly what I’m paying for. I wanted an RF remote control for the TV (the STB doesn’t support an IR blaster), and the installer suggested I chat or call customer service to order one. »